2018 MS by Research Positions

We have several MS/Dual Degree positions available at Virtual Labs and SERC. Possible research topics include, but are not limited to the following:

Models for Cloud Performance
The research investigates the role of feedback control and models to cloud performance. The implementation will be tested live on Virtual Labs and solutions to port the labs to a 'College Cloud' will need to be designed. This is joint work with Prof. Lavanya Ramapantulu.
Automatic Program synthesis for E-learning
The main goal is to use machine learning and deep learning techniques to drive the generation of examples, quizzes and programs, based on analytics of student performance. There is a possibility of working with Microsoft on this project.
Experiment as a service
Design and implement a micro-services and semantic web driven service for curating, cataloging, and authoring e-learning artefacts to Virtual Labs. The work will involve data and knowledge engineering and web services.
Renarration techniques for Program Comprehension
S/W maintenance is the costliest part of the software lifecycle. This research investigates applying renarration techniques from web accessibility to increase program comprehension. The work will involve Web Information Retrieval, Empirical S/W Engineering and web architectures.
Formal Methods for Secure System Software
This involves using dependently typed programming languages like F* to build provably secure system software. This work will need a background in programming languages, systems (OS/Networks) and formal logic.


Students will be paid according to the institute norms for assistantships. In addition, MS students could receive up to INR 5,000 per month as Project Internship subject to satisfactory performance on delivering solutions related to the Virtual Lab project.

Application Process

To apply, please email jobs@vlabs.ac.in, venkatesh.choppella@iiit.ac.in with Subject line

"Application for MS by Research Position".

Please include an online link to resume and courses (electives) taken in the resume.

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