Virtual Labs Project ideas

MS projects

Cloud Engineering for Virtual Labs (MS: 1 student)

The Virtual Labs project ( is currently hosting more than a thousand experiments and has had more than 2 Million usages in 500 nodal centres across the country. The Virtual labs are currently running from a commercial (AWS) cloud that costs us about 1.5 Lakh rupees per month.

The objective of this project is to carry out performance analysis and aggressive optimizations and re-architecturing to improve performance and bring down the costs by at least 50 percent. The second part of the project coming up with an architecture that can run out of a desktop computer with modest (4-8GB) RAM serving about 50 students in a classroom.

Automated renarration and curation for Virtual Labs (MS: 1 student)

Renarration is a way of adapting web content for local contexts. This project involves mining NPTEL content (about 16000+ hours of lectures) and virtual labs and creating an environment where appropriate learning resources are juxtaposed together to enhance the student's experience of learning. The work will build on existing work already being done at SERC (with current PhD student Sai Gollapudi and current MS student MS Soumya). The work may require working closely with the NPTEL team at IIT Madras.

Analytics service for Virtual Labs (MS: 1 student)

The objective of this project is to design and develop a comprehensive virtual labs analytics service to be used by students and teachers.

BTech Projects

Interaction Design for Virtual Labs (BTP/MS)

The objective of this project is to come up with a uniform interface for interacting with virtual labs based on solid interaction design and usability principles.

Searchable widget library for virtual labs (2 students)

Effectively building experiments for Virtual Labs depends on having large libraries of widgets for each discipline. The objective of this project is to build a library of widgets and provide the library as a micro-service usable by a lab authoring environment.

Threat model and security hardening of virtual labs project (1 student)

The virtual labs are currently running a cluster of over a 100 VMs/Containers. The objective of this project is to do security hardening of the virtual labs cluster and the experiments running from it.

Lab Development Environment for Computer Science Virtual Labs (2 students)

The aim here is to develop a browser based visual programming editor for building graph based computer science experiments, specially in data structures, algorithms, and programming language interpreters.

Development of virtual labs experiments using Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (1 student)

The objective is to construct AR/VR experiments in science/engineering or computing.

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