Technical Project Manager

Job Description

Virtual Labs Engineering and Architecture Division (VLEAD) is looking for a competent and experienced technical project manager to work in the core technologies of Virtual Labs. The engineering team is looking for a technical architect who can conceptualize and design intelligent systems, understand the project ecosystem, identify issues and bottlenecks and proactively come up with solutions. Commonly used technologies for Virtual Labs are:

  • OS: Linux/Unix
  • Tools: Redmine (Project Management System), Mediawiki, Emacs (Org-mode)
  • Version control: git

Some of the problems that you can solve while managing different teams:

  • Find solutions to complex issues that are unique to our project and integrate them across integration teams.
  • Conceptualise and build intelligent platforms that maximize the value of our offering and helps us proactively reach out to more customers.

We need someone who has good experience in Linux Operating Systems, object-oriented programming, JavaScript, jQuery, Database knowledge, and web services. Our technology stack is primarily Python with a MySql backend, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS on the frontend. We are looking at someone who has interest in functional programming, Haskell, Scheme and Scala. We follow a technology agnostic approach and adopt the best technology for solving the problem at hand. We have a bias towards action, creative problem solving and a metrics driven mindset. We are a fully open source shop and big believers in contributing back to the community. If building open source IT stacks excites you, then our team might be your next career step.


  • Drive architecture discussions, code reviews, design reviews and inculcate engineering best practices across the team. Be part of annual external review meetings at MHRD.
  • Strong emphasis on performance and quality with a sharp business sense.
  • Be an advocate for an extensible, scalable and maintainable design and lead by example.
  • Drive long term technology initiatives.
  • Be a technical mentor for team members and drive improvements in coding standards across large code bases.
  • Move to state-of-the-art technologies as demanded by the environment and ensure effective delivery of outcomes.


  • B.Tech or higher in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 7+ years of relevant software design and development experience is desirable.
  • Solid coding and problem solving skills with ability to architect cross team features to refactoring existing frameworks.
  • Exposure to a wide range of problem spaces and technologies and the ability to evaluate upcoming technologies.Good understanding of SDLC, and the Program Management methods.
  • Experience in functional programming, Haskell, Scheme and Scala languages would be appreciated.
  • Solid foundation in computer science principles with good requirements and design documentation skills.
  • Ability to create strong working relationships within and across functional teams.
  • Deep understanding of distributed systems and familiarity with design patterns.
  • LAMP stack proficiency (Expertise with Python is preferred.)
  • Prior startup experience (cloud-based product or service is a bonus), AWS experience and contributions to open source projects would be desirable.

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