All information for the mentors is provided here.

List of Mentors


Each idea has an associated mentor. The mentor is solely responsible for defining the set of deliverable(s) for each project and engaging with the interns for the entire duration of the internship.


  1. A mentor contributes to the ideas list. The current idea list is predominantly platform centric. Other participating institutions can contribute to the list on projects that are applicable to an institute's virtual labs.
  2. A mentor is comfortable with GitHub work flow of development.
  3. A mentor is has prior knowledge about Virtual Labs.
  4. A mentor defines a set of deliverable(s) for the project suggested and is the developer, collaborator and manager - all roles rolled into one - of that project.
  5. A mentor is responsible for the presentation of the project at the end of the internship.


All the mentors will use forum for any communication with Virtual Labs and interns regarding contribution to ideas or internship or for any other information.

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