Communication Channels


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC Channels on Freenode network

  1. #vlead :: used by the community developing the infrastructure for Virtual Labs.
  2. #vlabs-engineers :: used by lab developers and integrators.

Usually, someone will be there to respond to the channel 10am to 5pm GMT+5:30.

Help with IRC Chat

This tutorial lists all the information in using IRC for communication.

xchat which can be downloaded and installed is a recommended client for conducting communication on IRC channels.

Open Slack Channel

Open Slack Channel

Use vlead-open-slack-channel for collaboration and communication on virtual labs project/role specific activities.

Mailing Lists

Google Groups

  1. A mailing list for the users of Virtual Labs. This list is used by all external users not associated with development of Virtual Labs, but actively use Virtual Labs to report and seek answers for anything related to using Virtual Labs. For example, a user could report a non-working simulation that he or she encounters.

    Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the users mailing list.

  2. A mailing list for engineers contributing to Virtual Labs. This list is used by all the engineers who contribute to the development of Virtual Labs. A concrete feature requirement could evolve out of a discussion on this mailing list.

    Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the engineers mailing list.

Engineers' Forum

This forum is conducted using GitHub issues. Any issue faced with the development of Virtual Labs is logged here. A GitHub handle is necessary to create an issue.


This is the mailing list that all the announcements related to Virtual Labs are made.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the announce mailing list.

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