Announcement for Virtual Labs Fellowship

We are looking for competent and experienced developers with a research bent of mind to work in the core technologies of Virtual Labs. You will be part of a talented team of engineers that demonstrates superb technical competency for ensuring the highest levels of performance and availability of critical infrastructure. The engineering team at Virtual Labs is looking at innovative ways to design, develop and deploy the various applications with high uptime requirements.

Duration of internship program

[2020-10-15 Thu] and [2021-03-31 Wed]. [ 6 months extensible based on need, performance and project extension ]

Location and Work Schedule

Location : Remote

Work hours : Monday-Friday (9:00AM - 6:00PM)

Project Listing (Potential)

Any of the following or others based on need.

  1. Android/Flutter/React Native Development
  2. Responsive UI design/Usability/SEO/ASO
  3. Developing docker based microservice infrastructure on AWS
  4. Experiment Development Framework, React based Front end and git based CMS
  5. Developing and training the Virtual Labs chatbot
  6. Analytics and Performance
  7. Driving Virtual Labs' Social Media strategy

Benefits/ Salary

Salary Rs. 40,000/- per month.

Number of Positions

Number of Positions : 2

Application Process

On receipt of applications, selection will be based on results of 2 rounds of interviews.

Apply with email subject as: ="Virtual Labs Research Fellowship"=

Email with Gitlab/Github handle, Resume and LinkedIn profile to

Application Deadline

Apply on or before =[2020-10-30 Fri]=

Job/ Role description

We need someone who has a research orientation with good experience in web services and/or systems development. We use the leading-edge technology stack which provides the best of productivity, robustness and performance. Our current technology stack is primarily Javascript, HTML, CSS on the frontend on AWS based infrastructure. We follow a technology-agnostic approach and adopt the best technology for solving the problem at hand. We have a bias towards action, creative problem solving and a metrics driven mindset. We are a fully open source shop and strong believers in contributing back to the community.

Commonly used technologies

  1. OS : Linux/Unix
  2. Tools : Emacs (Org-mode), GitHub/GitLab
  3. Programming : JavaScript(ES6), Python3
  4. Frameworks : Gatsby, React, Flutter
  5. Infrastructure : AWS, Docker, Apache, Nginx


The fellowship is looking at people with one, ideally both sets of skills: Web/App application development and systems and cloud technologies. The candidate is expected to have

  1. B.Tech or higher in Computer Science or equivalent.
  2. 3+ years of relevant experience .
  3. Experience and understanding of latest trends in full-stack web and mobile development with knowledge of the complete web ecosystem.
  4. Experience with integrating third party services for cross-cutting concerns like authentication, analytics etc
  5. Good understanding of HTTP protocol and other web standards
  6. Experience in functional programming, Haskell, Scheme and Scala languages would be appreciated.
  7. Solid foundation in computer science principles.
  8. Good requirements and design documentation skills.
  9. Good problem-solving skills with curiosity to explore technology.
  10. Effective communication skills and qualities of a team player.
  11. Personal Laptop to work.

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