About Virtual Labs Development

What are Virtual Labs?

Virtual Labs are intended to augment the learning of science and engineering subjects through performing experiments. The experiments are designed either as simulations or as remote triggered. A remote triggered lab allows a user to connect to real equipment using a web browser. There are currently around 150 and labs and 1500 experiments at various stages of development and deployment. They are currently hosted at vlabs.ac.in.

Virtual Labs is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resources, India.

What is vlabs-dev?

vlabs-dev is the main portal for Virtual Labs Development. There are two main efforts

  1. To design and build the virtual lab platform and services infrastructure to support the entire life cycle of each virtual lab, including development, repository management, testing, hosting, bug reporting and fixing
  2. To design and author virtual labs.

This website, vlabs-dev.vlabs.ac.in, is the main site of the development of the project. Here you will find documentation about the architecture, platform, lab development process, community channels, links to source code repositories, and information on how to contribute to the development of virtual labs.

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