Junior Software Developer

Job Description

We are looking for a junior engineer developer primarily responsible for back-end/module development. This position requires a combination of programming skills in Python, Python frameworks like flask. In addition, an understanding of the entire web development process, including design, development and deployment, with some front-end knowledge is essential.


  • Responsible for implementing new features and functionality
  • Work closely with other developers to ensure an effective, visually appealing, and intuitive implementation.
  • Move to newer technologies as demanded by the environment and ensure effective delivery of outcomes
  • Demonstrate comfort in working in Python and Node.js backend architectures, and with Python frameworks such as flask. Be a quick self learner, passionate, proactive, and a good communicator.
  • Be a team player and be able to work with all the stakeholders.
  • Show flexibility to work for long hours if required.
  • Show Positive Attitude in work and with people.


  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented Python programming, HTML, CSS, and responsive Web
  • Knowledge of developer tools such as the Unix shell, Emacs, Git, and Github;
  • Be able to apply skills to investigate HTTP, the Web's fundamental protocol. Full Stack development,
  • LINUX web server configuration and LINUX security essentials.
  • Be a quick learner adapting to new technologies and making changes as required.
  • Be able to document requirements and specifications clearly and effectively.

Please apply at jobs@vlabs.ac.in

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