Systems Engineer

Job Description

Virtual Labs Engineering and Architecture Division (VLEAD) is looking for competent and experienced systems engineers to work in the core technologies of Virtual Labs. You will be part of a talented team of engineers that demonstrates superb technical competency for ensuring highest levels of availability, performance and security of critical infrastructure. The engineering team at Virtual Labs is looking at innovative ways to automate and manage the infrastructure with high uptime requirements. We are looking for a systems engineer who can build high-quality and fully performing infrastructure systems in compliance with standards, quality guidelines and relevant best practices. Commonly used technologies for Virtual Labs are:

  • OS: Linux/Unix, specifically CentOS
  • Servers: Apache web server, BIND DNS, OpenLDAP
  • Tools: iptables, Mediawiki, Emacs (Org-mode)
  • Version control: git
  • Configuration management: Ansible
  • Virtualization: Container or OS level virtualization with OpenVZ

Some of the problems that you can solve as part of the team:

  • Automate infrastructure including apache web server, reverse proxy, Bind DNS, SSH, etc. using ansible for a cluster of 100+ nodes.
  • Manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Machines (VMs) cluster of 100+ VMs remotely.
  • Find solutions to complex issues that are unique to our project and integrate them across integration teams.
  • Build low-latency systems and make data-driven decisions.
  • Build intelligent platforms that maximize the value of our offering and helps us proactively reach out to more customers.

We are a fully open source shop and big believers in contributing back to the community. If building open source IT stacks from scratch excites you, then our team might be your next career step.


  • Installation, configuration, test and maintenance of application software, servers and operating systems with configuration management tools.
  • Building, maintaining, troubleshooting and scaling our rapidly expanding infrastructure.
  • Use of versioning for both documentation and configuration management.
  • Proactively ensuring availability and security of IT infrastructure.


  • B.Tech or higher in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years of relevant server and network infrastructure operations experience is desirable. Hands on experience in automating infrastructure.
  • Understanding of basic networking:: IP addresses, Firewalls, basic protocols. Demonstration of understanding in Linux security.
  • Solid foundation in computer science principles with good requirements and design documentation skills.
  • Good problem solving skills with curiosity to explore technology.
  • Quick self learner, proactive team player and an effective communicator.
  • Programming and scripting skills (e.g., shell scripts) and experience in OS and other applications would be desirable.

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