Uniform UI


The principal work of this project is Designing a browser based generic User Interface for experiments in Virtual Labs and its auxiliaries '. Our aim is to develop a browser based application that would act as an interface between the user and the processing tool using predefined protocols.

A processing tool implies a relevant hardware/software which would receive the data from the interface, process it and return suitable data to the platform for predefined action(primarily display)

auxiliaries are Remote Triggered labs, Simulation based labs etc.

Background of the project

Due to lack of a unified 'experiment development platform' in the virtual labs community, robust development and maintenance of the labs becomes tedious. This demands resources for maintenance and integration of these labs.


The application is to be modular and robust, to cater the needs of the specific experiments. The developer is expected to create various prespecified functional pallets which would be embedded in the application framework as per the requirement.

A two tier programming is proposed in the broader level wherein our current requirement is to develop a modular robust platform and suitable palets. The level 2 programmers / experts would then easily use those pallets and the platform as a visual programing editor to custom make the interface for a particular experiment.

It is a browser based Visual Programming Editor, where the user can create a flowgraph on canvas by dragging and dropping blocks from library option to main canvas area and in runtime, while simultaneously taking care of its logical counterpart. Logical blocks would be created by using a programming interface wherein the developer has the choice to write the functionality using any programming language. Each block shall have capability of communicating to adjacent blocks. Blocks are of three types: Source, Sink and Functional.

  • Source: Source block will fetch the data from the GUI
  • Sink: Sink block will send the data to the GUI
  • Functional: Functional block will perform the operation on the input from source blocks and forward the output value to the sink block

While developing this application, developer will have to keep in mind that blocks will have to get used in application where it will have to communicate with some hardware so there should be an option where user can give the sampling rate. Security and ease of development are also important in this regard.

Benefits of project

  1. It will help to create experiments virtually, which can be used by students at remote centers.
  2. Student can use this application for simulations.
  3. It shall abstract the programming from end user. which means that it can make programming possible for the person only with domain knowledge.
  4. The open source community has an advantage to collaborate and contribute in the early stages of the development of the application.

Required Deliverables

  1. To create a canvas which has options of drag and drop and make connections.
  2. Be able to work on web as well as on local machine.
  3. Ability to execute flowgraph and show the user interface just beneath the blocks, respectively.
  4. Interface to create a block using any programming language.

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